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Hushpuppi Sentence


Aprokovibes reports that after several months of postponement, a United States court in Los Angeles, California, on Monday, sentenced international fraudster, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi to over 135 months – over 11 years — in federal prison.


The US District Judge Otis D. Wright II ordered the 40-year-old convict to pay $1,732,841 in restitution to two fraud victims, according to a statement sent by the court to Channels Television on Monday.

The judge said Hushpuppi conspired to launder tens of millions of dollars through online scams and flaunted his luxurious, crime-funded lifestyle on social media.

He pleaded guilty in April 2021 to one count of conspiracy to engage in money laundering, 10 months after he was arrested in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), in June 2020.

Hushpuppi has remained in US federal custody since his expulsion from the UAE.

“Abbas bragged on social media about his lavish lifestyle – a lifestyle funded by his involvement in transnational fraud and money laundering conspiracies targeting victims around the world,” said United States Attorney Martin Estrada.

“Money laundering and business email compromise scams are a massive international crime problem, and we will continue to work with our law enforcement and international partners to identify and prosecute those involved, wherever they may be.”

Before its eventual ruling on Monday, the court postponed Hushpuppi’s sentencing date at least five times in 2022 alone. Hushpuppi was initially scheduled for sentencing on February 14 but it was moved to July 11 and to September 21 before it was postponed to November 3 and finally to November 7.

It had been reported last week that he had been sentenced to jail but it wasn’t until Monday that he was officially sentenced.

Assistance To North Korea?

Hushpuppi targeted both American and international victims to become one of the most prolific money launderers in the world, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said.

The FBI, which investigated the case as part of Operation Top Dog, also said Hushpuppi “financially ruined scores of victims and provided assistance to the North Korean regime”.

The investigation found that Abbas conspired with Ghaleb Alaumary, 37, of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, a convicted money launderer, to launder funds derived from various crimes, including bank cyber-heists, business email compromise (BEC) schemes and other online frauds.

BEC schemes typically involve gaining unauthorised access to a business email account and attempting to trick a victim business into making an unauthorized wire transfer.

According to the findings, in January 2019, Hushpuppi conspired with Alaumary to launder funds stolen from a bank in Malta by providing account information for banks in Romania and Bulgaria. The United States has charged North Korean hackers with committing the bank cyber-heist in Malta, and alleged that those funds were destined for the North Korean government. Abbas has admitted that the intended loss with respect to the Maltese bank was approximately $14.7 million.

In May 2019, he conspired with Alaumary to launder millions of pounds stolen from a professional soccer club in the United Kingdom as well as a British company. In connection with that scheme, Abbas provided Alaumary with details for a bank account in Mexico that “could handle millions and not block,” according to court documents.

Hushpuppi also fraudulently induced a New York-based law firm in October 2019 to transfer approximately $922,857 to an account that a co-conspirator controlled under someone else’s name.

Alaumary was charged separately and pleaded guilty in November 2020 to one count of conspiracy to engage in money laundering. He is serving a 140-month federal prison sentence and was ordered to pay more than $30 million in restitution.

Hushpuppi also admitted in his plea agreement to conspiring with others to defraud an individual in Qatar who sought a loan of $15 million to build a school.

Restitution Order

At the sentencing hearing on Monday, Judge Wright ordered Hushpuppi to pay $922,857 in restitution to the law firm victim and $809,983 in restitution to the businessperson in Qatar.

He and another conspirator duped the businessperson into paying approximately $330,000 to fund an “investor’s account” to facilitate the loan.

He specifically directed the victim to send $100,000 to a bank account controlled by a co-conspirator, and $230,000 to the bank account of a luxury watch seller.

After the victim paid the money into the bank account, he used those funds for his personal benefit, including purchasing a $230,000 Richard Mille RM11-03 watch, which he arranged to have brought to him from New York to Dubai. The watch was frequently seen on his wrist on his now-defunct Instagram account, often with the hashtag #RichardMille.

Approximately $50,000 of proceeds from the scheme were used to fraudulently acquire a St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis citizenship and a passport for Abbas through a sham marriage to a St. Kitts citizen.

In January and February 2020, Hushpuppi and another conspirator corresponded with the victim businessperson, attempting to fraudulently induce a further payment of $575,000 in purported taxes to release the $15 million loan. In February 2020, the victim sent approximately $299,983 to Kenyan bank accounts specified by another conspirator. In March 2020, he fraudulently induced the victim to send another $180,000 to U.S.-based bank accounts; those funds were subsequently laundered with assistance from several co-conspirators.

“By his own admission, during just an 18-month period defendant conspired to launder over $300 million,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memorandum. “While much of this intended loss did not ultimately materialize, [Abbas’] willingness and ability to participate in large-scale money laundering highlights the seriousness of his criminal conduct.”

The FBI thanked the government of the United Arab Emirates and the Dubai Police Department for their substantial assistance in this matter.

Assistant United States Attorney Khaldoun Shobaki of the Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes Section prosecuted the case with substantial assistance from the Justice Department Criminal Division’s Office of International Affairs.


As part of its investigations into the case, the FBI had indicted a Nigerian police officer DCP Abba Kyari, who was the Head of the Inspector General of the Police’s Intelligence Response Team at the time of the indictment. Mr Kyari denied the fraud allegations and has fought attempts by the Nigerian government to have him extradited to the US to face charges.

In August this year,  Federal High Court in Abuja dismissed a suit by the Federal Government seeking to extradite him on the grounds that the suit is incompetent, lacked merit, and was instituted in bad faith.

Justice Inyang Ekwo insisted that the current administration has no basis to file the extradition request having commenced trial in a case filed against the embattled Deputy Commissioner of Police by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Kyari was arrested by the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in February for alleged drug-related offenses. The NDLEA has since arraigned the suspended deputy police commissioner. He is remanded at the Kuje prison in Abuja, pending the outcome of the trial.

Hushpuppi Viral Prison Video

AprokoVibes reports that convicted Internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas Igbalode, popularly known as Hushpuppi has appeared in a trending video chatting with a friend from a US prison Tuesday night.

This online news platform understands that the video of Hushpuppi in prison surfaced on the internet after a United States District Court sentenced him to the Central District of California.

The court sentenced Hushpuppi to 11 years and 3 months in prison for fraud on Monday, 7 November 2022. The social media personality was also ordered to pay $1.7m in restitution to two victims. Justice Otis D. Wright II sentenced Hushpuppi for money laundering conspiracy through several online scams and flaunting of a luxurious, crime-funded lifestyle on social media.


Hushpuppi, FaceTiming a friend in prison in the trending video, talked about his appearance. Video of Hushpuppi in prison seems to have been recorded weeks before the commencement of his trial.


In the trending Huspuppi prison video, the fraudster said that he was making an effort to look good so that he would not offend the judge and his friend kept laughing.

Watch the video of Hushpuppi in prison below…




Hushpuppi Biography Summary


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Abbas was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He later emigrated to Malaysia and subsequently to the United Arab Emirates where he lived until his arrest. He admitted to fathering a child in 2013.

According to a friend, Abbas obtained his secondary school education in Government College, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Born: Ramon Olorunwa Abbas; October 11, 19…

Other names: Hushpuppi, Hush, Ray Hushpup.

About Hushpuppi

Taking the limelight and massive social media attention in 2015, Ramoni Igbalode Abbas popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi is a Nigerian fraudster that was originally based in Malaysia but later relocated to Dubai because of its status as one of the most elite societies in the world.


Born on the 14th of June 1988 in Lagos StateHushpuppi is a 32-year-old multi-billionaire with an estimated net worth of over $150 million, according to reports from the FBI.

Ray Hushpuppi became super famous not just in Nigeria, but also in the USA, Europe, and some parts of Asia for his extravagant spending and his way of the party. Hushpuppi was never shy when it comes to flaunting his wealth online. He would always post pictures of him in his million-dollar mansion, posing with fast and expensive cars, and his ridiculous lifestyle.

Now and then, Ray would take to his Instagram page and share pictures that got everyone wondering what the source of his wealth was. He was also fond of attacking Nigerian celebrities that wore “fake” clothes or jewellery on their music video shoot or their Instagram page.


Hushpuppi Profession: What Hushpuppi Does For A Living?

Being one of the richest Yahoo boys in the country, Hushpuppi will certainly pass as one of the “big boys” from Nigeria. He is an Instagram celeb that was actively showing off his wealth to his social media fans.

Don’t worry, the source of Hushpuppi’s wealth is no longer a secret, and we are is happy to share it with you. To answer the many questions that have been laid concerning Hushpuppi job or what he does for a living.

In an Instagram post, Hushpuppi claimed that he was first a “professional beggar”. Sounds weird right? His dad was a taxi driver, his mom hawked bread, and his sister died because he didn’t have enough money to pay for her medical bills with was only ₦3,500. Hushpuppi also said he was a roadside beggar before he became successful.


The source of Hushpuppi’s wealth remained a mystery with a lot of speculation since we did not know what he did to get rich fast and put his exorbitant lifestyle on display.


But following his arrest in Dubai and his immediate extradition to the United States of America to face charges of fraud and advance-fee scam, Hushpuppi’s source of income is no longer a mystery.

HushPuppi is an internet fraudster that specializes in advance free fraud, blackhat hacking, and internet compromise.

Hushpuppi is a professional internet fraudster. What Nigerians call “Yahoo Yahoo”. As I write, Hushpuppi’s details have been uploaded on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website with registration number 54313-424 in case you want to see it for yourself.


The United States Department of Justice will transfer the 37-year-old supposed Real Estate agent where he will face criminal charges in the coming weeks.

Away from the news of Hushpuppi’s arrest, for now, let’s talk about Hushpuppi’s net worth. Being the Richest Yahoo Boy, Ray Hushpuppi commands a lot of respect in the dark web community.

Hushpuppi Net Worth?


There is no official statement on what Hushpuppi’s net worth is. But speculations put Hushpuppi’s net worth to be around $106 – 190 million. That is massive.


We are talking about over 10 billion Naira in assets. And he claims he got this bizarre amount of money from begging! Of course, Not. His colleague, Mr Woodberry is also said to be worth over $30 Million.

On a need to know basis, let me walk you through the details of Hushpuppi’s arrest in Dubai and the charges levelled against him. So you become aware of how Hushpuppi and his group have dented our image to the world.

How was Hushpuppi Arrested

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Hushpuppi: How Abbas used Zenith Bank, GTBank to pay Kyari N8m bribe – FBI

The Dubai Police arrested Hushpuppi, Woodbery, and ten (10) other individuals when they were about to carry out an operation dubbed “Fox Hunt 2”.

Hushpuppi’s girlfriend Amira Dyme, who he met in Dubai hasn’t made any statement since his arrest.

On apprehending Hushpuppi and his colleagues, the Dubai police charged them for committing crimes outside the United Arab Emirates. These crimes include:

  • Money-laundering
  • Criminal Impersonating
  • Cyber fraud
  • Hacking
  • Scamming Individuals
  • Banking fraud
  • Identity theft

The operation “Fox Hunt 2” which is the last straw that broke their camel’s back was worth the sum of $435 million.

Let me save you the stress of calculating its equivalent in naira. As at the time of writing this article, $435 million is about ₦168.5 billion. Yes! A hundred and sixty-eight billion Naira.

Did I hear you say Money Heist? Hahaha… This Money Heist failed. Professor Hushpuppi was not so smart this time.

Interestingly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that Hushpuppi tried to steal £100 million that is approximately $124 million from a Premier League club, which many presumed was Arsenal.

FBI held back the name and details of the club.

Also, in February 2019, Hushpuppi was alleged to have stolen $14.7 million in a cyber-heist from a foreign financial institution.

Just in case you believed Hushpuppi’s claim of being a professional beggar and his Instagram bio which says he’s a Real Estate agent, I hope I am helping your brain with the right information?

Well, there’s more about how Hushpuppi’s net worth came from the ongoing FBI investigation. The Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai seized more than $40.9 million in cash, like paper, bonds, hard currency from Hushpuppi.

They also seized 13 expensive cars, don’t worry I am coming to the aspect of Hushpuppi’s cars. The summed worth of all Hushpuppi’s cars is valued at $12.8 million.


Some of the items confiscated from Hushpuppi are 21 computers, 47 smartphones, 15 memory sticks, five hard disks containing 119,580 fraud files, and the address of 1,926,400 victims. These were some of the fraudulent items recovered from Hushpuppi. Quite sad, isn’t it?


Ramoni Igbalode tops the list of Nigerians who are painting a bad image of the country to the world. Imagine, defrauding close to two million people!

Hushpuppi Cars

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Ray Hushpuppi From all indications coming from his social media posts and other signals, most of Hushpuppi’s cash is spent on cars. Allow me to take you through the collection of Hushpuppi’s expensive luxury cars. If you know cars, you would agree that Hushpuppi had a flair for awesome cars.

Here’s a collection of the cars that constitutes the estimate of Hushpuppi’s net worth.

White 2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Top on the list is this 2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan which is worth about $320,000. Surprisingly, Hushpuppi bought this car in the heat of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Black Bespoke Badge Rolls-Royce Wraith

Hushpuppi bought this Rolls-Royce Wraith sometime in 2019. And in his custom, he shared it on his Instagram page with some sort of motivational speech.

What do all think about my new bespoke black badge Rolls-Royce Wraith? Lol.  This post is to everyone who has been made to feel low about themselves, to those who has been told will never amount to anything, to those who have been looked down upon, I want you to know today that as long as you don’t see yourself as low as they make you seem, as long as you have a valid dream and work hard, and most importantly if you believe in God, you can achieve anything and everything.

This post is specially dedicated to all Hushpuppi fans worldwide, to those who don’t know me and has defended and supported me in any way or the other, to my real friends JJ, Raw flesh, OvaWise, Debo Bentley, SK, Hp, and S.p of Ghana and all those that I can’t mention, God bless you all. Make una repost and congratulate me o make my success loud pass my failures and shortcomings �

# RollsRoyce #Bentley #Wraith #Bentayga #BlackBadge #Versace

See the Instagram post below:

Bentley Bentayga

Just before he got his Rolls-Royce Wraith (many claims he didn’t buy it himself), Ray Hushpuppi bought himself a Bentley Bentayga.

The cost of this Bentley Bentayga is $216,774 which is approximately 84 million Naira.

Ferrari 458 Italia which is worth $387,596 and a Ferrari 488 GTB valued at $253,229.

Mercedes Benz Maybach s650

This one is my personal best among Hushpuppi’s cars. Its price is $173,000 which is about 66.9 million Naira.

Lamborghini Aventador

Which is sold in the United States for $460,247. Its naira equivalent is 178,345,710 million naira.

Brabus G-Wagon

This is the last car I’d be highlighting. Boy, Hushpuppi wrecked many lives!

The Brabus G-Wagon is quite an expensive car. It is 5 times more expensive than the Mercedes Benz G63. You can imagine, right?

It costs $875,500 which is about 338,625,000 (338 million naira).

Sadly, all the cars listed above have been seized by the Dubai Police Force and he may never get to drive a car in a long time except being a passenger in a police car.

Ramon Abass

Valentine’s Day is not one Abass will love to spend in a court awaiting a judge’s verdict on criminal charges. In the past, it was one day Hushpuppi would blow his horn and flaunt his wealth. Here is a throwback to what February 14 used to look like for him.


Hushpuppi on valentine's day 2017
Ramon Abass

On Valentine’s Day in 2017, Hushpuppi, with a picture of himself dressed in Gucci outfits and sitting on an orange seat, advised men on how to spend the day.

He wrote: Know your place! Don’t let any girl come and spoil your Valentine groove, especially those ones with bad eyebrows!

“Love your picture. I wish I was you,” one of his followers commented.

“All the way, you will never fall,” said another Instagram user.


Hushpuppi on valentine's day 2018
Ramon Abass

On February 13, 2018, the eve of Valentine’s Day, Hushpuppi posted a picture of himself standing in a lavishly furnished living room with an expensive chandelier worth thousands of pounds dangling above his head.

He wrote: Don’t ever think I haven’t paid my dues, just because you haven’t seen my receipts. I had my own fair share of struggles through the journey here. I can only show you something beautiful; I can’t make you appreciate it.

The post was greeted with several comments.

“Wise words! More wins!” A follower wrote.

“Keep it up! I love your lifestyle,” said another.


Hushpuppi on valentine's day 2019
Ramon Abass

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2019, Hushpuppi presented himself a black Bentley Bentayga worth $250,000.

The post came with a caption on Instagram: Bought myself a new Bentley Bentayga for Valentine. The best way to celebrate the season of love.

What followed were thousands of congratulatory messages from his loyal followers.

“After, some mumu go say you no get car…haha….more success bro,” one follower wrote.

Now, I believe say you get money,” said another Instagram user.


Hushpuppi on valentine's day 2020
Ramon Abass

On February 14, 2020, Abbas posted a picture of himself dressed in an expensive Gucci outfit and seated on the bonnet of a red Ferrari that costs over $200,000 dollars.

Below the picture was a caption: Roll with me baby; You’ll prosper.

The post turned out to be his last Valentine’s Day post as he was arrested in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in a raid carried out by the e-police unit of the Dubai Police in June 2020.

After news broke that Hushpuppi would be sentenced on Valentine’s Day, an Instagram user left a comment under his 2020 post: This year’s Valentine, Na Blue You Go Wear.

Hushpuppi currently has 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

Are you still scamming people online? Better stop now that you are not in jail.

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