Denmark to get new govt weeks after elections

Denmark will finally have a new government six weeks after inconclusive elections with a left-right alliance forged after tortuous negotiations, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Tuesday.

“A new government will be presented on Thursday,” the left-wing Frederiksen told reporters, following a narrow election victory for her Social Democrats in legislative elections on November 1.

She said it would be “made up of the Social Democrats, the Liberals and the Moderates,” after informing Queen Margrethe of the alliance.

The monarch tasked her with trying to form a government in November, after individually meeting the leaders of Denmark’s 11 other parties in parliament.

Frederiksen said the new government would have “a lot of compromises, but above all, a lot of ambitions.”

The Social Democrats, used to leading minority governments, are by far the largest party with 50 seats out of the 179 in Parliament.

The party said even before the vote that it wanted to govern beyond traditional divisions.

They had to negotiate with the main Danish party on the political right, the Liberal Party, and the newly-formed centrist party, the Moderates, created by former PM Lars Rasmussen.

The Moderates won more than nine per cent of votes and Rasmussen insisted he wanted to be “the bridge” between the left and right

The far-right has heavily influenced Danish politics in recent decades, but three populist parties together won just 14.4 per cent of votes.


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