Biden Plans to Construct the Inaugural High-Speed Rail System in the United States.

President Biden walks alongside worker in Nevada.

President Joe Biden pledges to construct America’s initial high-speed rail projects. As part of an 8.2 billion dollar investment, he aims to enhance ten significant passenger rail initiatives nationwide.

This information came to light through a series of tweets on the official Twitter account of the President of the United States this Saturday.

According to the tweet, “We’re building the first high-speed rail projects in our nation’s history.

“It’s part of an $8.2 billion investment we’re making in 10 major passenger rail projects across America.

“We’re putting high-speed rail on the fast track.

“Together, we’re finally going to make high-speed rail happen between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

“Folks have been talking about this rail project for decades.

“Our California-Nevada rail project is expected to carry over 11 million passengers a year – and will be 100% powered by renewable energy.

“And it is going to create 35,000 good-paying jobs, including 10,000 union jobs. Now, we’re actually getting it done”.

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