Tragic Loss: Three Lives Loss in Las Vegas University Shooting.

File: UNLV

On Wednesday, at a university in the United States near the busy tourist area in Las Vegas, three people were killed, and one person was seriously hurt by a gunman.

The police shot and killed the gunman. Unfortunately, this incident is the latest example of gun violence, which is sadly common in the United States.

He mentioned that a fourth person got really hurt in the shooting, but later, their condition improved from critical to stable.

The person who did the shooting wasn’t identified right away, but according to sources from CNN and the Los Angeles Times, who talked to law enforcement, he was a 67-year-old college professor connected to schools in Georgia and North Carolina. However, it’s not known what connection he had with the Nevada university where the shooting happened.

President Joe Biden expressed his sadness about the recent terrible gun violence on a college campus in a statement.

The police quickly came to reports of a person actively shooting at 11:45 am (1945 GMT), as shared by McMahill during a press conference.

Two police officers quickly confronted the suspect in a shootout, and the suspect was hit and is now confirmed deceased, according to university police chief Adam Garcia.

The event started as students gathered outdoors, playing games, eating food, and building Legos at tables set up for the occasion, as described by McMahill.

McMahill highlighted the bravery of one police officer, stating, “If it hadn’t been for the heroic actions of one of those police officers who responded, there could have been countless additional lives taken.”

The police have not shared more details about the victims or the gunman’s identity. They are currently working to inform the next-of-kin.

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