Some Top Institutions Offering Tuition-Free Online Degrees 2022

Some top institutions offering tuition-free online degrees in 2022 can be accessed below.


Aprokovibes reports that some institutions are taking advantage of online degrees by availing students of the chance to enroll for them for free online.


In addition to being more affordable and convenient, many online degrees are now free thanks to sponsors and donors.

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If you are interested in applying for a free online course, it is crucial to read the eligibility requirements carefully. This is important because different colleges and colleges have different standards to determine whether you qualify for a free degree.


Colleges that are offering free online degrees are highlighted.


University of the People: The University of the People is a tuition-free, accredited online university with a US campus. The only fee required is a $60 application fee and a $100 assessment fee for each course completed.


Students can earn degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science and Education from the University of the People. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available in each of these disciplines. Donations by sponsors cater for all other expenses.


Alice Lloyd College: Students from Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia can attend Alice Lloyd College for free. So, if you are a Nigerian living in these locations, and a paid college degree is expensive for you, you can benefit from this. There are free degrees available in business, medicine, education, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and mathematics.

College of the Ozarks: Missouri-based College of the Ozarks is an accredited university with 1,500 undergraduate students who are eligible for free tuition. The College of the Ozarks offers roughly 30 distinct majors. The College’s distinctive student work program makes it feasible for the tuition to be free. During the academic year, each student works 15 hours per week to help offset the cost of tuition, and scholarships cover the remaining balance to prevent out-of-pocket expenses for the students.

Edx and Coursera: If you don’t want to pursue a degree and instead are interested in studying at a top college without the stress of taking tests, then there is something for you.

You can take free online courses from universities like Harvard College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkeley, the University of Texas, and Georgetown University through websites like edX. Attending these lectures and learning from the top instructors in the world is completely free. This choice is excellent for those who wish to continue working while attending school because classes are self-paced and you can study whenever you want.

Another popular option is to take classes on Coursera. Here you can find free classes from institutions like Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, Duke and the University of Michigan. If you are interested you can find courses in computer science, health, science, business, social studies and more.

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