Jide Awobona advises youths against gambling, fraud

An actor, Jide Awobona, has advised youths in the country to shun gambling and all forms of fraudulent activities.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he urged them to learn crafts instead. He said, “My advice to the youth is that regardless of what is happening in society right now, in terms of unemployment, they can still do great things with their lives.

“There are so many things they can do to make money, without gambling or getting involved in cybercrime. They can learn any craft. They don’t have to be employed; they can actually start businesses and employ people.”

The actor also maintained that one could make a comfortable living from acting alone. He said, “Entertainers work very hard. I just finished shooting a movie, after 24 days (on set), and I was paid well. The fact that celebrities live luxurious lives should be expected because it is showbiz.

“Although there are some entertainers who are not as big as they portray on social media, there is money in entertainment. It only takes time for one to make it. One cannot be an entertainer doing the right things, and not smile to the bank.”

Awobona also noted that he wouldn’t be supporting any politician in the forthcoming 2023 general elections. He, however, advised people who find themselves in public offices to contribute their quota towards making the country better.”

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