Iyabo Ojo Threatens N1Billion Lawsuit Against Lizzy Anjorin For Defamatory Video; Demands N500 Million In Damages.

Actress Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin Lawal.

Actress Iyabo Ojo has threatened to sue her colleague, Lizzy Anjorin Lawal, for N1 billion over some defamatory video publications.

Iyabo shared copies of a letter written to Lizzy by her lawyers, Bimpe Ajegbomogun and co., on her Instagram page.

According to the letter, Lizzy has been posting ”vile and demeaning” video content on her page, with the videos aimed at Iyabo.

According to Iyabo’s lawyers, Lizzy agreed with her followers in the comment section that her defamatory posts were directed at Iyabo. In the letter, the lawyers also stated that Lizzy has failed to deny the facts that the derogatory content was directed at Iyabo.

According to the lawyers, Iyabo recently called Lizzy out on Instagram, asking her to mention her name as the person she refers to as ”Sepereti” in her defamatory posts. Surprisingly, Lizzy appeared minutes later and stated that she will not mention their client’s name but will continue to refer to her as “Sepeteri.” The lawyers contended that Lizzy’s reaction was an open and unambiguous way of alluding to and affirming her reference to Iyabo.

According to the lawyers, Lizzy claimed in her contents that Iyabo was involved in a threesome with her daughter, that Iyabo and her man killed Mohbad, that her man is an ex-convict who was sexually abused while in prison, that Iyabo is a prostitute, and that she is dating singer Naira Marley.

The lawyers requested that Lizzy apologise in four national newspapers and on her Facebook and Instagram pages, among other things. In addition, the lawyers demanded that Lizzy pay N500 million in damages to Iyabo.

They stated that if these are not completed within fourteen days, they will be forced to sue Lizzy for N1 billion.

The court papers shared by Iyabo Ojo.

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