I’m selective accepting movie roles – Actor Akah Nnani

Actor, Akah Nnani, has said he is not always in movies because he is very selective with the kind of jobs he accepts.

In an exclusive chat with Midweek Entertainment, the actor said it was intentional for him to determine the type of movies he acts in, adding that as someone who uses his talent to entertain people, he preferred to be diverse instead of being trapped in a box.

He said, “I am not in movies very often because it is very intentional for me. I like to select the scripts, jobs, and characters I accept. I like to be very diverse and I don’t want anyone to put me in a box so I am very selective with the scripts, people, and production houses I work with.”

Asked if his role in the 2022 film, Man of God, earned him the attention of the ladies, the actor said the appreciation for his role came from both male and female fans.

He said, “I just got huge attention from both men and women who admire my work; it was basically a flood of appreciation for how well I portrayed the character but unsolicited ladies’ attraction? I don’t think so, even if there was, I didn’t notice. I think it is because a lot of people know that is not the kind of person I am.

“I was just grateful to be called to work on the project and I definitely saw some changes after the movie; it helped me to become more of a fine actor because I went through a lot of rigorous preparation for the character, so, I would say it helped shape me as a better actor.”

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