I Will Fix Age-long Water Issue In Enugu- Frank Nweke

Former Minister of Information, under ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, Frank Nweke Jnr, has promised to fix the age-long water scarcity that has plagued the South East capital, Enugu if elected in 2023.


Aprokovibes reports that the All Progressives Grand Alliance governorship candidate in Enugu ahead of the 2023 election said the problem of water which has held the capital state of Ndigbo since the 80s will be fixed by his administration if elected by the state’s residents.


Frank Nweke lamented that Enugu residents still depend on water trucks, tankers and well water as drinking water which are in most cases dirty.



“The unavailability of clean and affordable water in Enugu has only changed for the worst, with a dangerous hike in the prices of water (which still turns out dirty) delivered by tanker drivers, and with the water from wells tasting more metallic than it ever was, especially in the dry season.


“With such a seemingly long-lived problem, and the fact that water has always been an important factor in every sector, especially agriculture, health, and education, it is only expected that the water sector should be the main focus of the Enugu gubernatorial candidates for the 2023 elections, but the reverse is the case,” Nweke said.


He added that he had visited the two major sources of water at Ajali and Oji, as well as other locations that had reservoirs in Enugu State, and was ready to act on what has to be done to resolve the water crisis in the state.


He promised to complete the work already done at Adada Dam by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and ensure that water is distributed to residents.


For rural areas, Frank Nweke said, “he would take advantage of water bodies across the State and design water supply systems based on the nature of the water source, the location and the needs of specific communities to ensure no one is left behind in the quest to provide water for every resident.”

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