Firm launches platform for construction sector

LaborHack, a business-to-business technology firm, has unveiled a digital marketplace.

According to the firm, it connects certified workers to large developers and local construction businesses. It also revealed that it has a certification programme that qualifies and standardises workers.

The Chief Executive Officer, LaborHack, Oare Ehiemua-Ochui, said, “We are very excited about LaborHack and believe it is highly needed here in Nigeria. Finally, construction industry players have a proxy they can use to make better hiring decisions.

“This intervention aims to significantly reduce material, time, and financial wastage from using substandard talent, which many companies have previously reported being as high as 50 per cent of their profit margin.”

While speaking to The Aproko Vibes, she stated that the platform would be expanded to other industries and would launch in five additional cities in 2023.

She said, “Eventually the plan is to explore other industries as well. We are looking to explore oil and gas; we are looking into manufacturing as well. Asides from expanding geographically, it is also to expand our product offering too.

“We are planning to expand to five cities which we will unveil next year.”

Speaking about how much the firm has been able to raise funds, she added, “We have been able to $320,000. We have expanded into a pre-seed round, and are hoping to raise $500,000.”

According to the firm, certified workers, called LaborHack Pros, are onboarded to its digital platform where they are connected to companies looking to access workers available on demand.

The CEO/Founder, Orritech Nigeria Limited, Mr Frank Atsagbede, added, “I have worked with LaborHack on past projects and have seen a marked difference in the quality of talent they provide. The certification platform will be a real game changer for the industry.”

The firm added that LaborHack, through its sister company, OPL Academy has about 1,500 workers including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, painters, welders, and AC technicians.

It also stated that its platform would be launched officially on January 1, 2023.

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