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The University of Oxford is and will be a thriving, global community of scholars and students committed to…
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The University of Oxford is and will be a thriving, global community of scholars and students committed to education and research. Oxford places a high priority on the health and well-being of all of its students. Every undergraduate is a member of a college, therefore, students will have their own little Oxford community. They will also have many chances to join organisations, societies, and campaigns that honour diversity and advance change. In this blog, we will know all about student clubs in Oxford. 

What are Student Clubs?

Student Clubs are societies or organisations run by students at a university or a postsecondary institution, whose membership is often limited to current students and/or alumni. Student clubs or organisations frequently work to support a certain activity or a certain belief system, however, some clearly just ask that members be current or previous students. Some also accept students who are not college students or are not linked with any particular university. Additionally, the majority of student-run organisations frequently rely significantly on partnerships with outside parties for both their legitimacy and success.

Types of Student Clubs in Oxford

The University appreciates the contribution that clubs, groups, and other organisations provide to student life. There is something for everyone with more than 400+ officially recognised societies listed in the university-registered non-sports groups and organisations. However, if you feel that there is a void that must be filled you can start your own student organisation. Mentioned below are some of the student societies and student clubs in Oxford.

University Club (Graduates)

The University Club, which is situated on Mansfield Road, provides graduates with a variety of sporting amenities, such as a gym, football and cricket fields, as well as social areas like a bar, cafe, and restaurant.

Oxford Newcomers’ Club

The Oxford Newcomers’ Club serves as a hub for networking for partners of newly arriving graduate students and staff. Activities offered include coffee mornings, campus tours, museum outings, and coach trips to local attractions.

Oxford University Sport

Oxford offers 83 University sports clubs in addition to a huge number of college teams and extracurricular activities. A lot of colleges have their own fields and facilities, but Oxford University Sport on Iffley Road has a pool, a gym, a sports hall, courts for racket sports, and more. Additionally, it is the location of the track where Roger Bannister established the four-minute mile record.

Junior Common Room and Middle Common Room

For undergraduates, the Junior Common Room (JCR) and for graduates, the Middle/Graduate Common Room (MCR/GCR), these terms designate both a physical space and a body to which students belong. Elected officials frequently organise social gatherings and extracurricular activities, offer support and advice, and give you a way to voice your concerns regarding campus affairs.

Oxford SU (Student Union) 

You automatically join the SU when you enrol as a student at Oxford. In order to represent, assist, and improve the lives of Oxford students, the SU is an autonomous, democratic, and student-led organisation. Participate in the countless campaigns that are undertaken each year, make contributions to the Oxide and the Oxford Student, managed by the SU, or learn how the SU is advocating for your concerns.

Student Media

  • Cherwell- Oxford University’s independent student newspaper is called Cherwell.
  • Oxford Student- The Oxford Student, sometimes known as The OxStu, is a weekly newspaper published by and for students at the University of Oxford.
  • Isis Magazine- The oldest independent student publication in England, Isis Magazine, was established in 1892 at Oxford University. The publication publishes one print issue, hosts events, and maintains a website.

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Benefits of Joining Student Clubs in Oxford

Here are some benefits of joining these student societies and student clubs in Oxford-

  • More Exposure: You can connect with a peer group of people who have similar interests to you by joining a club or organisation. You will gain insight into the customs, principles, and worldviews of various nations. The connections you create here may potentially result in relationships that last a lifetime.
  • As a student, it enriches your life: You can learn, develop, and get experience in the areas of finance, group development and management, presentation, and public speaking by joining a club or organisation. The transformation will be apparent in you.
  • The experience will add interest to your resume: Of course, it is a fantastic experience to list on your resume. You will stand out from the crowd when you seek jobs after graduation. Your academic achievements won’t be remarkable on their own. Extracurricular activities are necessary to enhance your resume.
  • Enhance your networking skills: This might be a fantastic environment for meeting prospective employers. All of the networking activities will be open to you. You will soon realise how valuable these connections are to you.
  • You’ll have some time off from studying: During a graduate programme, it is certainly crucial to pay attention to your coursework, but it is also critical to take mental breaks (and beneficial). You may interact with people who share your interests while participating in club activities, and you’ll actually learn just as much from them as you would from your coursework.


Does Oxford University have clubs?

At the University of Oxford, there are more than 400 clubs and organisations that cater to a wide range of interests. A fantastic place to start looking is the list of university-registered non-sports clubs and organisations or the list of university-registered sports activities.

What major is Oxford famous for?

Oxford is ranked as the top institution in Europe and the second-best university in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2022. Oxford also placed first in the world for the arts and humanities, and in the top five for the natural sciences, biological sciences, and administration of society.

Can you have a social life at Oxford?

Oxford offers more than just academic pursuits. There are several activities, organisations, societies, and sports available here, so you may choose to be as active or relaxing outside of your academic studies as you like.

The benefits of student organizations are numerous. Simply participating in an extracurricular club will improve your educational experience, whether you decide to lead it or join as a member. You can become a more well-rounded person who is prepared to take on your future job by expanding your education, developing your abilities, and joining a student organisation. So are you ready to apply to your dream college, connect with Leverage Edu experts at 1800 57 2000 right away to get a free consultation if you need assistance with the procedure!

The post Famous Student Clubs in Oxford appeared first on Leverage Edu.

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