Dog Kills 50-Year-Old Greek Woman.


A 50-year-old woman in Greece passed away when three dogs attacked her while she was working in her garden in the village of Neochorouda, according to Sky News on Monday.

The dogs got out of their owner’s yard through a hole in the fence, about 80 meters away, and headed to the woman’s garden where she was gardening.

A man, who the police mentioned was deaf-mute, was helping the woman with the gardening but was far from her when the attack happened, unable to hear her screams, as per the report.

The woman suffered severe injuries and was bleeding heavily. Emergency workers arrived with an ambulance, but she was confirmed dead at the scene.

The Greek state broadcaster, ERT, said that the woman’s two sons, aged 17 and 18, heard their mom’s screams but couldn’t get there in time to assist.

Her ex-husband told the broadcaster the dogs were “huge, wild ones,” adding that “they have left many times and chased people many times.” “It is not the first time,” he lamented.

The person who owns the dogs, a 37-year-old, got arrested and will talk to a prosecutor on Monday morning. Meanwhile, the dogs are kept in a kennel and will be euthanized.

News mentioned that the woman, who lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and was running for local elections, was involved in the incident.

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