Airtel launches 5G at Indian airport

Pune’s Lohegaon Airport has become the first airport in the state to enjoy ultrafast 5G services, with Bharti Airtel announcing that customers can now surf the internet at blazing fast speeds at the airport terminal.

According to The Indian Express, customers need not change their SIM card to avail of Airtel 5G Plus at the airport, as the telecom provider has stated in its press release that existing 4G SIMs are 5G-enabled. No data plan upgrades are needed either as Airtel is making 5G Plus available on existing data plans.

Airtel first announced 5G Plus in October, with initial availability limited to 8 cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur, and Varanasi. It has since expanded the service to include Panipat and Gurugram. The telecom provider has also promised that it’ll enable the fifth-generation technology standard across all of urban India in 2023.

Do note that the aforementioned cities are seeing the rollout in a phased manner as the company continues to construct its network. Until the rollout is more widespread, customers will be able to use 5G wherever available on their 4G existing plans. Airtel aims to deliver between “20 to 30 times higher speeds than today coupled with brilliant voice experience and super-fast call connect.”

Commenting on the Pune Lohegaon Airport launch, Chief Executive Officer, Maharashtra and Goa, Bharti Airtel, George Mathen, said, “I am thrilled to announce the beginning of a new chapter in Maharashtra as Pune International Airport, becomes the first airport in the state to have the Airtel 5G Plus services.

“While at the terminal, customers can now access superfast access to high-definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading of photos and more. I thank the authorities for all the support extended to make this project live.”

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