Wave, Cardi B and Offset’s Son rock his one year old birthday in a car-themed lavish party

Cardi with Son Wave

Cardi B and Offset host their guests to a lavish birthday party to celebrate their son’s first year birthday.

The mother of two threw a grand party which was car-themed and shared photos online. The family wore matching denim outfits together with Offset’s other kids from his previous relationships-daughter Kalea-7, and son Kody-7 and Jordan-12, also matched with the family.

Offset and Cardi B with their kids

Wave made an exotic entrance to his party.

The champ stunned Party guests with his impressive entrance through huge green and blue balloon arches. When the car nearly came to a standstill, Kulture, Wave’s big sis had to push him along to keep him going on his way.

He was also recorded riding around on a small motorised truck before making it down to the fancy red carpet which was flagged by a range of expensive-looking sports cars on both sides.

party venue
party venue

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