Tech firm urges youths on local potential

A Nigerian technology company, Walure Capital, has urged Nigerian youths to seek tech opportunities in the country rather than leaving the country for such opportunities.

The company’s Managing Director, Adeleye Samuel, disclosed this on Saturday at the official launch of the company’s technology hub in Lagos.

Samuel stated that a lot of youths had been leaving the country in search of better opportunities in tech but such opportunities were also available within the country.

He said, “One of the things we seek to do is to encourage our youths trying to leave the country in search of better opportunities to seek them here. There are opportunities here too. We’re working with close to 200 developers and we aim to empower people with rare opportunities in tech.

“A lot of tech individuals are leaving the country today but we have decided to lead by example and stay back to do what we can.”

The Managing Director stated that the three-year old company recognised that there were tech talents not only in Lagos but in other states as well, and the company needed to branch out.

He said, “Talents aren’t in Lagos alone, they’re in other states as well, which is why we would be expanding to other strategic states. Very soon, our presence would be felt in other states as well.”

The Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr Idris Salako, congratulated the company’s managing director, stating that the company’s recently opened hub was in line with the State’s agenda.

He said, “What you are doing is in line with the ‘THEMES’ agenda of the state governor. What the governor was looking to do was to bring our lost glory and tech experts back into the country. We’re losing a lot of our bright ones and that’s why the governor made it a priority. Soon enough, Lagos is going to have the largest tech hub in the state.”

The current African Representative and Council Member of the World Journalism Education Congress, Prof. Ralph Akinfeleye, stated that education and technology were inseparable.

He said, “You need technology to propel education and you need to be educated to use technology. Which comes first? Is it the egg or the chicken? You cannot have technology without education and you can’t have education without technology, you need both for meaningful development.”

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