Sheikh Gumi breaks silence on Mamu

Sheikh Gumi breaks silence on Mamu’s arrest, accuses DSS of terrorism

Prominent Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has finally reacted to the arrest of Tukur Mamu by the Department of State Services (DSS).


Gumi who asked the DSS to either release Tukur Mamu or charge him to court, backed this by stating that the law directs that anybody arrested over an alleged crime needs to be taken to court within 24 hours.


In his weekly preaching at Sultan Bello Mosque, Gumi said Mamu was arrested because of his role in assisting victims of terrorist attacks.


The cleric, who said God has a way of testing a believer, added that the arrest of Mamu was God’s way of testing his faith. He also prayed that Mamu would overcome it.


Gumi said; 


“Take him to court to face trial. Keeping him in custody despite being a family man was just to intimidate him. This intimidation is also terrorism. Arresting people unjustly is also terrorism; just like the terrorists do by going to somebody’s house to kidnap him.

“How can we continue in this situation under a government that is about to wind up? Our hope is for them to finish successfully not in a bad light. It’s not about Tukur Mamu, you all know that whenever they arrest innocent people, I always talk, not to talk of someone that I know and I’m only advising the government to release him so that we can apologize to him to forget what happened.”

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