Nigeria prepares for IoT regulation

Nigeria is set to regulate emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things as the nation enters a new phase of technological advancements.

At a Stakeholders Consultative on Emerging Technologies, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Prof Umar Danbatta, defined IoT as a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals, or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring any human intervention.

According to him, IoTs are becoming important in sectors of the economy such as education, security, military reconnaissance, commerce, governance, inventory management, health, surveillance, smart city initiatives, and more.

He stated, “With the advent of 5G technology, we are going to witness another dimension in the IoT Ecosystem as 5G technology is going to enable Massive Machine Type Communication.

“GSMA Intelligence forecasts that IoT connections will reach almost 25 billion globally by 2025. With this pace of growth, it has become imperative to prepare for the Regulation of this important technology.

“Internet of things may be deployed as a standalone network of sensors, actuators, and controllers or rely on a mobile operator’s network. Licensed or Unlicensed IoT are all Spectrum dependent and will certainly require our attention and that of our partners in this industry.

“As earlier said, at the commission, we are conscious of the importance of participatory regulation through a strategic partnership with government and non-government actors, it is for this reason, therefore, that you are all invited here to provide comments and inputs on this very important topic.”

Also speaking at the event, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, said the nation’s telecom regulatory framework had been designed to address the challenges that may arrive with the advancement of IoT.

According to him, the nation is ready to harness the potential of IoT as demonstrated in its reduction of cybercrime incidences over the past two years.

He said, “By 2025, there will be about 46.1 billion IoT devices that are going to be interconnected globally…and through this connection, the data to be generated will be up to 79.4 zeta bites.”

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