Master Degree in New Zealand

Serene wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage have cemented an unparalleled tourist reputation for New Zealand. Currently,…
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Masters in New Zealand

Serene wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage have cemented an unparalleled tourist reputation for New Zealand. Currently, home to globally recognized educational institutions, the country has become a preferred study destination amongst students from all nook and corners of the world. Add to the mix, the student-friendly communities, as well as the flourishing industrial sector and New Zealand, becomes one the most ideal places to study, work and live. Opting for a postgraduate degree in New Zealand can be immensely advantageous as you will get to benefit from global exposure as well as an array of research opportunities in your chosen field of study. Through this blog, we will delve deeper into the specifics of pursuing a Master Degree in New Zealand and what it entails. 

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Why Study Master Degree in New Zealand?

To study in New Zealand is to open a world full of opportunities and experiences. The local community culture of the country helps foreign students go through a learning curve during the course of their education. Further, the booming research and development sector is fostering the growth of new-age and modern technologies thus steadily making New Zealand an eminent center of scientific innovation. The government has also tried to preserve and propagate its celebrated and pristine art culture by encouraging students to pursue higher studies in the field of Arts, Languages, and Literature. When it comes to universities, for a country with a fraction of population compared to India, around eight major academic institutions have been recognized by the QS World University Rankings 2021 for their teaching excellence and quality programs.

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Master Degree Programs Offered

For pursuing a masters in New Zealand, you can choose from an array of STEM courses as well as Business. Management and commerce-related programs, for example, you can opt for an MBA in New Zealand or a master’s degree in subfields of arts, humanities and social sciences. Many students from India are increasingly choosing to pursue an MBBS in New Zealand as well. In addition, a handful of New Zealand universities, for instance, the University of Canterbury, also offer interdisciplinary courses and dual degrees in collaboration with other universities in the country and around the world. Studying a program here, you will also get to explore the rich continental traditions, diverse languages and the ways the local culture has evolved in relation to globalisation or other modern influences.

Popular Intakes in New Zealand

International students can apply for the two major intakes in New Zealand January and July Intakes. Most students apply during these sessions and they correspond with the start of university semesters to ensure students can begin/rejoin classes with their peers. 

Semester Session Admissions Begin Admission Intake Deadline
Odd Semester February to June November January/February
Even Semester July to November February July

Master Degree in New Zealand: Top Universities for 2023

Consistently appreciated by the Times Higher Education as well as QS Rankings, the colleges in New Zealand are emerging as globally recognised institutions. The New Zealand education system is largely modelled after that of the United Kingdom and is comparable with all the prevalent accepted global systems. Dating back to 1869, the University of Otago is New Zealand’s oldest university. The location of the universities is loosely divided into two regions with some located on the North Island and some more institutions situated on the South Island. Tabulated below is a list of some of the most esteemed universities offering Master’s for a variety of courses in New Zealand.

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Master Degree in New Zealand: Admission & Eligibility Criteria

Depending on whether your desired course is a conventional masters program such as an MA or MSc, a professional degree like an MBA or a Masters by research course, the admission and eligibility conditions may vary accordingly. A masters in New Zealand typically runs for a period of one year to a maximum of two years with the first year incorporating a balanced curriculum of theoretical and practical study and the second year focusing on industry exposure and thesis-related work. Below mentioned are some major things you need to keep in mind while applying for a masters in New Zealand: 

  • Particularly for master’s degrees in STEM such as MSc Biotechnology, MSc Mathematics, MSc. Zoology, MSc Electronics, the prospective applicant needs to possess a high-ranking graduate degree in a closely-related field.
  • However, for pursuing postgraduate degrees in social sciences, business, management and arts-related specialisations such as a Masters in Social Work, Masters in Mass Communication or Master of Management Studies, universities look for applicants with diverse educational backgrounds. 
  • If you are planning to study a professional management course for masters in New Zealand, the university may ask for a few years of relevant industry experience. This may change as per the university and the course offered.
  • A masters by research program may additionally require students to submit proof of prior research experience along with a research proposal outlining the intended nature of research at the university.

Note: Staple application requirements include a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and funding essay (optional) amongst others.

Popular Courses for Master Degree in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a wide range of courses in an array of subjects for students to take up and make successful careers in! Here are some of the most popular courses for students hoping to study in New Zealand:

Cost of Study in New Zealand

For aspirants wishing to pursue their master’s degree in New Zealand, it is imperative to be aware of the cost involved. The cost of study can be largely divided into two sections-tuition fees and living costs. Tuition fees for a master’s program in New Zealand costs approximately NZ $ 19k (INR 9.35 lacs)- NZ $ 29k (INR 14 lacs) per annum. Other than this, living cost is a major cost that has to be taken into consideration. It constitutes accommodation costs, food, utilities, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses. Below the various costs have been organized into a table with an approximate figure for understanding.

Expenditure Weekly Cost NZ $ Weekly Cost INR 
Accommodation NZ $ 250 – NZ$ 500 INR 12076 – INR 24016
Food  NZ $ 130 – NZ $ 150 INR 6333 – INR 7209
Utilities NZ $ 200 – NZ $ 250 INR 9718 – INR 12076
Transportation NZ $ 80 – NZ $ 90 INR 3855 – INR 4391
Recreation  NZ $ 65 – NZ $ 70  INR 3152 – INR 3373
Miscellaneous NZ $ 150 – NZ $ 200 INR 6333 – INR 9718

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Documents Required to Study Master Degree in New Zealand

The entire application process is online and candidates can update all the information through their id and apply for the visa at home.

  • Valid passport which must be valid for at least 6 months or more 
  • Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012) and Visa Fees
  • Proof of funds to cover your expenses, study and cost of accommodation in the country
  • Air ticket to New Zealand
  • Acceptance Letter from your host institution confirming your eligibility for a particular course
  • Duly signed certificates like Medical clearance, Health security, and character certificate are required to prove that you are a fit for travelling and staying abroad
  • Minimum IELTS requirements for a New Zealand study visa is an IELTS Band score of 6.

Student Visa for International Student in New Zealand

International students who wish to study in New Zealand have to apply for a student visa. Applying for a student visa is a necessary requirement, candidates are advised to start the application process well in advance after receiving the confirmation letter of admittance from their university. Indian students who are planning to study in New Zealand opt for the Fee Paying Student VISA. This VISA allows students to stay, study and work part-time in New Zealand for up to 4 years. Students who wish to travel with their parents/guardian, their guardian can apply for Guardian of a Student Visitor VISA. It is valid till the student visa of the candidate.

Scholarships for Master Degree in New Zealand

New Zealand understands that meritorious students should not face any restraint. Education and knowledge should be available to all and thus a large number of scholarships are offered to international students pursuing a master’s degree in New Zealand. Enlisted below are some of the major scholarships a prospective student can apply for. 

  • ADB Scholarships at University at Auckland
  • Victoria Masters Scholarship
  • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarships
  • Tongarewa Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington 
  • Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship at University of Canterbury
  • New Zealand International Scholarships

Apart from the university scholarship The following mentioned scholarships are offered by the to the international students who want to pursue master in New Zealand.

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship is for those international students who belong to commonwealth nation and want to pursue a master degree or PhD in NZ. This scholarship plan covers tuition fees, living and travel expenses and medical insurance of the selected applicant. A weekly 500 NZ$ is offered to meet living expenses. It also covers student medical insurance and the cost of research in the case of PG courses.

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

NZEA is funded by Education New Zealand and NZ universities catering to Indian UG and PG students. The number of scholarships in PG programs is 28. The value of the New Zealand Excellence Award scholarship is NZ $ 5000 for PG courses.

Palmerston North City Mayor’s Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship

PNCMGAS is sponsored City Council of Palmerston North to promote the location of Palmerston North. It is provided to student who wants to pursue vocational, UG, and PG courses. The amount of this scholarship award is NZ$ 1000.

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Is New Zealand good for Masters?

Home to some of the best and globally recognised universities in the world, Masters in New Zealand allows international students to earn a degree valued worldwide.

Which course is the best in New Zealand for Masters?

Some of the popular courses taught at the master’s level in New Zealand are agriculture, forestry, animation, engineering, and hospitality. The universities offer research-oriented courses with practical training. 

How difficult is it to get a job in New Zealand?

With a large number of upcoming industries, New Zealand has a large number of areas to employ new graduates. Thus studying a master’s degree in New Zealand is lucrative.

What IELTS score is needed to study a master’s degree in New Zealand?

To enroll in a master’s program in New Zealand, 6.5 is the minimum IELTS score required for most universities and for the majority of the courses. 

Is GRE needed to study Masters in New Zealand?

Not all the universities in New Zealand ask for the student’s GRE score. GRE is an optional requirement for most of the master’s degrees offered by the universities in New Zealand.

Thus, we hope that through this blog, you gained better clarity on pursuing a Masters in New Zealand and the plentiful benefits it can provide your career journey. Each and every aspect of your application is an important step towards securing admission. Needless to say, to ensure it is a daunting task and a bit of quality guidance goes a long way. The team of experts at Leverage Edu can guide you in picking the right university along with assisting you through the tedious application and admission process thus helping you get successfully shortlisted for your dream course in New Zealand. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session. Follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn

The post Master Degree in New Zealand appeared first on Leverage Edu.

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