Ita-Giwa demands power shift in Cross River

A former Senator who represented Cross River South, Florence Ita-Giwa, has said that it is the turn of her senatorial district to produce the state governor.

She said people of her district had, in the past, supported Cross River North and Cross River Central to produce governors.

According to a statement on Monday, in Lagos, Ita-Giwa said this during the inauguration of a movement tagged, ‘Ini Nnyin Edi Emi,’ which means ‘it is our turn’.

She also commended youths participating in politics, describing it as a good sign.

She noted that the movement is focused on the argument that it is the turn of the Cross River South Senatorial District to produce the next governor of the state.

She said, “For 16 years, Cross River South Senatorial District has not produced the governor. We have waited. I have always said zoning is not in the constitution of Nigeria but the governorship should come back to Cross Rivers South.

“We have supported Cross River North and Cross River Central. It is now the turn of Cross River South. It is a movement. We don’t have anything against anyone who is emerging from another party. We are not here to campaign but to make Cross Riverians from the South Senatorial District residing in Lagos have it in their head that it is their turn.

“I am happy because most of the people that came here are youths. The next generation is catching up with democracy. They are ready to sustain democracy. I’m fighting for the next generation.”

In his speech, the Chairman, Cross River Unity Forum, Edwin Okon, stated that the group is made up of leaders of various groups that reside in Lagos.

“This is not a political but awareness campaign to sensitise on the need to support the aspiration of Cross River South,” he said.

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