About 50% world population without Internet connection -Report

About half of the world is still unconnected to the Internet according to a new report by Alliance for Affordable Internet.

The report titled, ‘Sustainable, Universal Access to the Internet: Environmental implications and policy choice,’ disclosed that the United Nations broadband commission has set a goal to reach broadband-Internet user penetration of 75 per cent worldwide and 35 per cent in least developed countries by 2025.

It said, “Nearly half of the world is still unconnected to the internet. Within the past three years, the international community celebrated the halfway mark to universal internet access as a majority of the world’s population came online.

“However, for women, for people with disabilities, and for people living in rural areas, the majority experience is still offline and still disconnected.

“Even beyond this binary of connected–unconnected, the inequality gap of meaningful connectivity still separates those who hold an advantage in better connectivity and those who do not. These challenges, along with the extreme poverty that exists in parts of the world, impede progress towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.”

It stated that there was a need to recognise and reduce the carbon footprint of Internet use to ensure universal access without worsening the global climate emergency.

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