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10 vital rainy-day items for children, adults

Wih the unpredictable weather conditions the world over, there is worry over what the possible threats it poses to children and adults.

As much as the rainy days bring much-needed respite from severe heat in the tropical environment like Nigeria, the period is also synonymous with certain common diseases such as malaria, cold/flu, conjunctivitis, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A and other conditions. In this part of the world where there is a dearth of ideal environmental standards, it is expected that there will be stagnant water in most places as well as flooding, both of which in turn provide breeding grounds for sicknesses and diseases.

Unfortunately, children are the most vulnerable demographic to diseases during this period. However, adults too are susceptible to threats posed by the rains. That is why as much as possible, it is expedient to pre-empt being caught in the rain and even when it is unavoidable to be in the rain, it is right to be equipped with the right tools to come out unscathed.

Furthermore, there are certain uncomfortable situations prompted by the rainy season.

Below are 10 essential items that can help keep your children and you safe during the rainy season and help you wade through some of the discomfort it brings.

Always have an umbrella ready

The best way to protect yourself and your kids this rainy season is to make sure that there always is an umbrella ready. No one wants to get drenched on their way to school or work/business place. That could have a terrible effect on your entire day. Also, getting drenched by the rain could lead to avoidable ailments in kids and adults as well. Flu and cough are some of the effects of getting caught unprepared in the rain.

As soon as possible, get umbrellas for yourself and your little ones as well. These days, there are portable umbrellas sold everywhere that can fit into bags. Once there is a threat of rain, use it to protect yourself.

Get raincoats instead

For certain people, lugging an umbrella around can be cumbersome. The space it occupies while not in use sometimes is a bother. For kids also, many of them tend to lose their umbrellas at school or on the school bus.

There is also the possibility that your young kids cannot yet handle an umbrella which is further compounded by their bags and lunch boxes.

In such cases, it is best to get them raincoats without having to worry about being soaked in the rain. Their bags and other objects are also protected during rainy days. What’s more, many of them come with a hoodie-like cover for the head, invariably providing similar, if not more protection as the umbrella.

Even for adults, the raincoat is an invaluable asset during the rainy season, giving a much-needed cover for clothes, as well as valuables, while also providing warmth. For ladies, the raincoat provides a cover for their expensive wigs, preventing damage that the rains can cause to their beloved hair accessories.

Ziplocks, dry sacks, waterproof covers

Sometimes, it is not just enough to cover your kids and yourself from head to toe. It is equally important to think about the rest of your things. Books, phones, and laptops are some of these valuables that require protection from the rain.

For your phones, be sure to have a waterproof pouch that comes with straps to put your gadget in. If you’re carrying a bag that can’t fit with you in your coat, give it a rain cover that you can buy almost anywhere online and from local markets. There are also waterproof cases for your bigger gadgets such as laptops should you need to bring one with you. Finally, easily accessible reusable plastic bags can be used to carry additional items that you don’t want to get wet.

Go for boots

As well as the other sicknesses and diseases the rainy season brings, foot infections is one major one that tends to be overlooked during preparations for the rainy season. The human feet are one of the most exposed parts of the body during the rainy season and excessive exposure to water, mud and dirt is harmful to them.

Unfortunately, many parts of Nigeria are susceptible to flooding during the rainy season, and sometimes, kids tend to stick their feet into water puddles for fun. Unaware of the dangers it poses to the health of their feet as more often than not, the water stocked in the sideways of the road is filthy and infected. So, do not let the feet of your child soak into the waters.

Fungal infections and athlete’s foot are some of the infections the feet are susceptible to during the rainy season. Making sure that your kid’s feet, as well as yours, are always dry and clean is an advantage during this period. Through this, fungal infections, skin allergies and diseases can be prevented. This can all be achieved by getting boots for your kids and also for yourself. Go for rain boots that are not too big and tight. This can protect kids while also not limiting their fun on each rainy day. These days, there are foldable rain boots available in markets; making them easy to carry about and stow away when no longer in use.

Get the right footwear

Aside from the necessity of having a rain boot, it is also important to furnish your kids with the right footwear. The right footwear is useful in preventing your kids from slipping and hurting themselves during the rainy season. For adults too, the right footwear is a must. Footwear such as crocs, rubber sandals and shoes are just some examples of such footwear.

Carry a portable sanitiser 

One thing the coronavirus has taught many people is the usefulness of hand sanitisers. From sanitising their hands before and after eating to doing the same to the hands after coming in contact with other people as well as objects. Like the saying goes that ‘when it rains, it pours,’ during the rainy season, it not only rains liquid but bacteria as well.

It is necessary to teach your kids the value and importance of sanitisers –in playing with friends, communicating with classmates and handling objects, the sanitiser will always be a useful tool.

Sanitisers can help to guard you and your kids against immediate possible contagious diseases which can be contracted from the environment or from people you come in contact with during the rainy season. This is possible as sanitisers can kill as much as 99 per cent of germs.

Get warm clothing

The rains can be highly unpredictable. You can never tell when it will rain. This is why it is necessary to have warm clothing ready for your kids. Kids should be equipped with protective gear to shelter them from the rain and cold temperature. In the event of being drenched by the rain, most people are likely to develop a fever and cold. It is, therefore, necessary to have warm clothing available to protect you and your kids from these.

In plenty of cases, even when not caught in the rain, the cold air caused by the rain can cause young kids to catch a cold. Not only kids, but adults are prone to this problem as well, especially those who work in offices where there are cooling units that stay on all through the workday, irrespective of the weather condition.

Having a sweater or thick jacket is important to forestall the effects of the cold from the rain. These warm clothing can also be made to complement you and your kid’s outfit.

Keep small absorbent towels

It is important to carry a good absorbent towel wherever you go with your kids so that you can dry them off immediately in case they get wet.

Go for towels that are quickly dried and can easily absorb dripping water. These can be used as support in taking the wetness away from your child’s back. This is important as it helps to keep your kids dry if they are drenched by the rain, thus, keeping ailments associated with rain and cold at bay.

Have extra clothes

If your child is going to be away from home for longer durations, such as at school or a day-long picnic, it is best to give him a change of clothes. Getting wet in the rain and being stuck without a change can expose him to contracting a cold and fever quite easily. A change of clothes can keep them dry at all times.

Go for the light ones. Stock some of it in your car or their bags. An extra shirt or clothes will be their run-to outfit if in case the rain decides to pour down while they are outside and still having fun.

Prepare healthy food 

It is important to fill your children’s lunchboxes with healthy meals and snacks this period. A combined power of veggies and fruits could go a long way in strengthening your kid’s health and body. The healthier they are from within, the easier it will be for you to protect them from the outside, especially during rainy days.

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